A checkout funnel is a series of pages that leads customers to the final step in their purchase, offering them more products on the way. 

String together a checkout funnel using a combination of Product Landing Pages, Upsell, Downsell Pages, and a Thank You Page to automatically present customers with additional offers that will increase your store's average order value.

Plus, skyrocket conversions by using our One-Page Checkout instead of Shopify's standard 3 pages, and upsell to customers in one click with our One-Click Upsells (once an upsell or a downsell offer is added to the initial order, customers don't need to fill out the checkout form again). 

Note: We advise you to prepare pages that you want to include in your checkout funnel first, and then simply connect them together.

How to create a Checkout Funnel

1. Go to Campaigns → Checkout Checkout Funnels in the top navigation bar or click "Create New Funnel" right from the dashboard.

Note: You can create your own unique checkout page design by going to Campaigns → Checkout Checkout Pages.

2. Once you've created a checkout funnel, you will see it on this page.

For now, click "Create New Checkout Funnel" to start setting up a checkout funnel from scratch.

3. Start creating your checkout funnel by naming it.

4. Then you need to select the checkout page that will be used in your checkout funnel from the dropdown menu: Shopify Default Checkout (standard 3-pager) or Custom Checkout (1 page).

Select "Custom Checkout" from the dropdown menu.

5. An additional dropdown menu will appear on the right-hand side.

Select the custom checkout page that you want to use in your funnel.

You can either select "Default Checkout" and use our ready-made One-Page Checkout, or use your own checkout page created via Campaigns → Checkout Checkout Pages.

Select "Default Checkout".

6. Next, you need to set up the first upsell offer of your checkout funnel.

Start by selecting a product from the dropdown menu (products are pulled from your Shopify store).

7. Now define what page customers will see once they purchase the selected product.

You can choose to display an Upsell Page or a Thank You Page.

Once you select one of the options, select a page from the dropdown menu on the right-hand side.

For now, select "Upsell" and choose a page from the dropdown menu or manually enter the name of the Upsell Page you want to use.

8. You can also find out which Upsell Pages work best by adding pages for A/B testing and indicating the percentage of customers who will see each option.

9. If customers don't purchase an upsell offer, you can present them with a less expensive downsell offer.

To do this, you need to first add a "No, thanks!" button to your Upsell Page and set up its Link options to redirect to the Downsell Page of your choice.


10. Next, click "Add Downsell Option" on the checkout configuration page.

11. Now, select to either show the Downsell or the Thank You Page from the dropdown menu, and choose a page from the dropdown menu on the right-hand side or manually enter the name of the page you want to use.

Note: Once you select a page, the redirect link on your Upsell Page's "No, Thanks!" button will automatically sync with your selection. 

12. You can continue presenting upsell/downsell offers to customers who purchase any of the offers from Step 1 by clicking "Add New Step". 

Note: To remove a step from your checkout funnel, tick the checkbox on the left-hand side of the step and click the red "Delete" button in the top-right corner of the screen.

13. Now, say customers decided to purchase an upsell offer presented to them in Step 1.

You can either show the Thank You Page straight away or continue increasing the Average Order Value with another upsell offer.

To do this, go to Step 2 and select a product that the customer buys (the same product that is shown on the Upsell page from Step 1).

14. You can continue building a long string of upsell/downsell offers or you can decide to show the Thank You Page and finalize the order.

15. Once you are happy with the setup of your checkout funnel, click "Save & Activate".

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