Boost your Shopify store's conversion rates and average order value by using Smarketly's One-Page Checkout and One-Click Upsell.

Increase your customer conversions by reducing Shopify's checkout to one step with One-Page Checkout, and enable customers to purchase upsell offers without the need to enter their payment details again with One-Click Upsell.

One-Page Checkout

Smarketly's One-Page Checkout streamlines the checkout process for your Shopify store, making it quick, easy and responsive for users on any device. The purpose of One-Page Checkout is to collect necessary information from customers, so that the sale can be completed as quickly as possible.

The entire checkout process takes place on a single page that combines the shopping cart and the checkout process. By cutting down the number of steps on the way to submitting an order, customers are more likely to finalize the process, increasing your online profits and conversion rate.

With One-Page Checkout, use customizable checkout pages, easily add payment details to the credit card payment block and help customers complete multiple fields instantly with Google Autocomplete.

One-Click Upsells

Smarketly's One-Click Upsell allows you to offer additional products to customers after a purchase without the risk of scaring them off or losing a sale, increasing your average order revenue. 

With a little tech magic, your customers' credit card information is temporarily stored and is displayed in the order. For this purpose, we use Stripe’s secure tokens to create a new customer record in your Stripe account.

All your customers have to do to buy an additional offer is consider it, click just one button and buy the upsell. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to understand that every additional step is an opportunities to abort the sale. When you make it that easy to buy more products, your sales and profits will grow quickly.

In a Checkout Funnel, you can offer one upsell product and one downsell product for customers who opt-out of the upsell.

Connecting to Stripe

Stripe is a company that provides internet businesses with online payment processing services. In order for your Smarketly Checkout Funnels to work, you must connect to your Stripe account or create one.

Once your Stripe account is connected to Shopify, Smarketly automatically creates two pages for you: the Default Checkout and the Default Thank You Pages.

You can easily customize your Checkout Pages using the Drag & Drop Builder.

Use Smarketly's One-Page Checkout and One-Click Upsell to optimize your flow and skyrocket your Shopify store's conversion rate.

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