Create landing and product pages to showcase your offer, collect opt-ins and convert your Shopify store visitors into customers.

1. Go to Campaigns → Landing Pages to start setting up your landing page.

2. You will be taken to an area where you can see all of your existing landing pages. 

Click "Create New Landing Page" to continue or click "Edit" to start the automation process with an existing landing page. 

Note: You can see the Status of your landing pages (Published, Not Published), its number of Impressions, CTA Clicks and Conversion Rate, as well as perform such actions as Edit, Preview, Copy URL, Duplicate, Export, Copy to User (for Agency accounts), and Delete.

3. In the Setup section, you need to give your new landing page a name.

Click "Next" to continue.

4. Next, you need to either select a ready-made landing page template to use (select a category or scroll down to view all options) or hit "Blank Template" and create a new one in the Drag and Drop Builder.

In this case, click "Blank Template" and create your landing page. Once your page is ready, click "Next".

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5. In the Management step, you can choose where to integrate your form fields to.

Select an integration to attach to your page form together with an action and additional options that will be performed.

Review the form field details and properties and select an integration you want to use for a specific form field.

Click "Next" to go to the Publish step or click on "Preview" in the breadcrumbs to see what your page looks like.

Tip: You can add more than one integration by clicking "Add New Integration".

Assign different form fields to different integrations by selecting the integration that you want to use for a specific form field and deselecting the one that you don't want to use.

6. See what your page will look like across different devices in the Preview section.

Click "Next" to continue.

8. Now your landing page is ready to be published.

All you have to do is name your landing page, choose where to publish it and copy the page URL to your clipboard if you want to see the live version of your page.

Select Shopify from the publishing options and click "Publish" once you're done.

Tips: Later on, you will be able to find this landing page in "My Templates".

Do not forget to analyze the results it brings and make your page a part of a marketing funnel.