With a broadcast email, you can automatically send out emails to your Shopify audience based on their activities, like New Purchase, New Abandoned Cart, New Paid Order, Order Updated to name a few, or based on email engagement, such as Email opened, clicked or sent.

1. Go to Campaigns → Emails → Broadcast Emails to start setting up your broadcast email.

2. You will be taken to an area where you can see all of your existing broadcast emails. 

Click "Create New Broadcast" to continue or click "Edit" to start the automation process with an existing broadcast email. 

3. In the next window, the Setup step, you have to fill out the information about your broadcast email. 

  • Name your campaign
  • Add the subject line 
  • Add the "From" name
  • Add the "From" email address

Once you're done, click "Next" to continue.

4. Next, you need to either select a ready-made email template to use (manually search in the search field or scroll down to view all options) or hit "Blank Template" and create a new one in the Drag and Drop Builder.

In this case, click "Blank Template" and create your email. Once your email is ready, click "Next".

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5. In the Recipients section, you need to choose a provider, a trigger and configure the trigger that will send out your broadcast email.

You can choose Shopify as the provider and then select a trigger from the following options:

  • New Cancelled Order
  • New Purchase
  • New Abandoned Cart
  • New Paid Order
  • Order Updated
  • New Checkout Created
  • New Customer Added
  • New Product Added

Then configure the Cart value, Number of items in cart, and select the Product in cart from the drop-down menu.

So, if someone abandoned a certain quantity of a specific product that equals to certain amount in the shopping cart on your Shopify store, you can send out an email to such customers in one go.

Another option is to choose Smarketly mailer as the provider and then select a trigger from the following options:

  • Email opened
  • Email clicked
  • Email sent
  • List joined
  • List left

Then select an email or a list from the drop-down menu depending on your trigger selection.

So, if you first send out an email that is triggered from Shopify, you can then use that email as a trigger.

For example, you sent an Abandoned Cart email when someone left an item in the cart on Shopify. Then you want to send them a follow-up email.

Select Smarketly mailer, choose "Email opened" as the trigger, and then select the Abandoned Cart email.

Click "Next" to continue.

6. Now your broadcast email is ready to be sent.

All you have to do is verify the name and make sure that the trigger is correct.

To activate your broadcast email, click "Send" and it will go out to every subscriber who currently meets the criteria of the trigger. 

Tips: Later on, you will be able to find this broadcast email under Campaigns → Emails → Broadcast Emails.

Do not forget to analyze the results it brings and make your broadcast email a part of a marketing funnel.