View and manage all your mailing lists, contacts and monitor their activity from one place.

1. Go to Contacts in the main navigation bar to access contact information.

2. Here you can see all of your existing contact lists and their general information, such as name, email provider, number of contacts, description.

Click on a list or hit "View" to see its full list of contacts.

Tip: Click "Show contacts" to view all of your contacts in a single unsegmented list.

You can also remove a contact list by clicking "Delete" in the dropdown menu on the right-hand side.

3. Inside the list, you will see all of its contacts and their general information.

Click on a contact to see all of its details and the Activity Feed.

4. On the Contact Details page, you can see the contact's name, user ID, email address, list, lead status, contact status, and the Activity Feed that shows the actions that your known contacts are taking in real-time.

Tips: The Activity Feed will show more activity in time, such as page visits, form submissions, email activity, segment events, and more.

Analyzing the Activity Feed of your customers will help you determine the right segments and actions based on their behavioral activities.

5. How is the activity of anonymous visitors tracked?

Everyone who visits your tracked pages is initially treated as anonymous. Every visitor is assigned a unique ID number so that you can separate new and returning visitors.

Once their contact details and name become known, all activities that were previously anonymous will be associated with the relevant contact.

6. Back under Contacts, click "Add list" to create a new list of contacts.

Tip: When you create a contact list in Smarketly, the list will also be created in your email service provider.

7. Define your new contact list's name, description, email provider, default "From" name and email.

Click "Customize your [Email Service Provider] Merge Fields" to personalize your email campaign to this contact list.

Click "Add list" to finish creating your new contact list.

Tip: merge field is a field you can insert into an email template, mail merge template, or custom link to incorporate values from recorded data.

For example, place a merge field into an email template so that the greeting includes the recipient's name and not just a typical “Hey there!”.