Set up a Smart Facebook Pixel using your own Facebook Pixel to track conversions, build audiences, improve ads, targeting and see enhanced user data collection.

How to generate your Smarketly Smart Facebook Pixel

1. Go to Connect → Facebook Pixel to start setting up your Smarketly Smart Facebook Pixel.

2. You will be taken to an area where you can see all of your existing Smarketly Smart Facebook Pixels. 

Click "Create New Facebook Pixel" to continue. 

Tip: You can delete or copy the codes of existing Smarketly Smart Facebook Pixels.

3. Next, select a Facebook ad account that you want to associate with your new Facebook Pixel and choose a name for your new Smarketly Smart Facebook Pixel to easily find it later on.

Once everything is ready, click "Generate My Smart Facebook Pixel" to get your new pixel code.

4. Now you can copy your Smarketly Smart Facebook Pixel code to your clipboard so that you can paste it where needed.

Click "Publish on Shopify" to install the Smarketly Smart Facebook Pixel on all of your Shopify pages, including the Thank You page.

Note that the Smarketly Smart Facebook Pixel will not be published on your Shopify Checkout Page.

Click "Finish" to complete the setup process for your Smarketly Smart Facebook Pixel. 

Tip: Insert the Smarketly Smart Facebook Pixel code into every single one of your pages to track all data.

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