Mailjet is a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate solution to track, send and deliver marketing, notification and transactional emails. Mailjet enables you to fetch and launch opt-in campaigns with ease, analyze your customer base and engage with it via email. This web service is perfect for merging duplicate contacts, updating address books, providing open rate and reports, plus allowing you to segment large email lists.

Integrate Mailjet with your Smarketly account to enjoy the benefits of both systems.

1. Go to Integrations → Catalog to start the web app integration process.

2. Find Mailjet in the Catalog and click on it.

3. Insert Mailjet's API and Secret keys into the respective fields.

Click the "Connect" button.  

Tip: If this is your first Mailjet experience, make sure to learn more about the Mailjet service first and then continue the integration process.

Log into your Mailjet account in a new tab and retrieve the API and Secret keys there.

4. Your Mailjet account has now successfully been integrated with Smarketly.

You can disconnect your Smarketly account from the web service in a single click by hitting "Disconnect my account".

Click "Finish" to complete the integration process.

Tip: Now you can continue integrating your account with other services process or start setting up automation rules.