MailChimp is a popular easy-to-use email marketing platform designed to give marketers the ability to create, send and store email templates, as well as send them out to prospects, customers, and partners.

Integrate MailChimp with your Smarketly account to enjoy the benefits of both systems.

1. Go to Integrations → Catalog to start the web app integration process.

2. Find MailChimp in the Catalog and click on it.

3. Click the "Connect" button.  

Tip: If this is your first MailChimp experience, make sure to learn more about the MailChimp service first and then continue the integration process.

4. In the next window, insert your MailChimp account credentials into the relevant fields.

5. Now you need to configure the web service's integration settings from the available options.

Click "Next" to continue. 

6. Your MailChimp account has now successfully been integrated with Smarketly.

You can disconnect your Smarketly account from the web service in a single click by hitting "Disconnect my account".

Click "Finish" to complete the integration process.

Tip: Now you can continue integrating your account with other services process or start setting up automation rules.