While standard custom audiences are perfect for re-engaging people who've previously interacted with you, Facebook Lookalike Audiences help you find thousands of users that don’t know you, but are very likely to become a customer. Easily get more of your best customers with Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

Creating a Facebook Lookalike Audience

1. Go to CampaignsFacebook Audiences to start setting up your new lookalike audience.


2. Here you can see all your existing Facebook audiences, if you have any.

Click "Create New Facebook Audience" to start creating a new one.


3. Under Audience setup, select an audience type from the drop-down menu. In this case, select "Lookalike Audience".

In the next field, select a Facebook account that you want to use for this audience.

Finally, name your new lookalike audience.

Click "Next" to continue.


4. Select the size of your source audience and target country.

Smaller audiences will have more similarities with your source customer group, while larger audiences will have more reach, but less precision.

Once you're done setting up your new lookalike audience, click "Create Audience".

Tips: You need to have at least 100 people in your source customer group to create a Lookalike Audience.

Pay attention to the audience size percentage: 1% of China's population is around 14 million people.


Continue creating more Facebook Lookalike Audiences to guide more new customers to your campaigns or create a new Facebook Custom Audience.