Add various form fields to forms or anywhere else on your landing page. 

Adding the Form Field

1. Find the Form Field element in the toolbar on the left-hand side.

2. Drag-and-drop it onto a form or anywhere on your landing page.

Tips: A dashed blue line appears when you've started dragging an element. It shows you where the element will be added once you drop it on the page. 

Use “Ctrl+Z” shortcut to undo the last action or use arrows in the toolbar at the top of the page.

If you place a form field outside of the form container, it will not be considered a part of the form.

Formatting the Form Field

3. Select a Form Field to access the formatting toolbar that enables you to edit, duplicate, lock or delete the field.

Click the Pencil icon to access the Inspector tab.

Customizing the Form Field

4. To customize the Form Field, go to the Inspector tab and make use of all the available tools.

  • Under Form Fields, you can mark the field as required, specify the Placeholder text and Form Field type, such as text, password, date, email, datetime, datetime local, month, time, week, number, URL, search, telephone and more.

5. You can also further customize the Form Field by making use of other options from the Inspector tab.

  • In the Attributes section, you can specify the Form Field class and ID, as well as make it visible on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs;
  • You can select a background color, add an image or gradient to it in the Background section;
  • Add shadows and customize their distance, blur, and spread;
  • In the Padding and Margin sections, you can change the layout of the Form Field;
  • You can also add boarders and customize the roundness of the Form Field's edges.

Tip: Learn more about the Inspector tab here.