Put together a conversion funnel using a combination of landing pages, popups, forms, emails, automation rules and more to send your website visitors on an ideal customer journey to convert. 

How to create your first funnel

1. Go to Funnels in the top navigation bar.

2. There you will see all the funnels that you've created once you do.

For now, click "Create New Funnel" to start setting up your first funnel.



3. In the next window, you can choose to start building your funnel from scratch.


You can also select one of our pre-made funnel templates. Scroll down to explore all the options.

We'll show you how to create one from square one, so click "Blank Template".

4. Now you have to start adding steps to your funnel, so click "Add New Step".

5. Select the first step of your funnel from the available options. In this case, choose to add a landing page.

Tip: When you select a page, a popup, or a form, you will have the opportunity to build one straightaway or use a ready-made template.

Email sequences and automation rules are simply attached to funnels, so you have to create them beforehand.

6. Add more steps to your funnel until you are happy with what you see by clicking "Add New Step".

7. Hit "Launch the funnel" when you're ready to set your funnel in motion.