This section will help you understand the charges that will incur to your account during the period that you are using the Smarketly Page Builder Editor. 

Once you install the app, you are automatically using the Free Plan which gives you a 7-day Free Trial for the Text + Image Section that can be placed on all Shopify pages. 

The Text + Image can give you a different view of text and image either in reverse or in different sizes as you see fit. 

For plan upgrades, a charge of $19.95 will incur and will be valid for 1 month use. The bill will be recurring for the Pro Plan unless you decide to downgrade or uninstall the plan. 

Uninstalling Smarketly Page Builder App

We would be sorry to see you go. 

Uninstalling the Smarketly Page Builder App will allow you to keep the changes made to your pages. You will keep all the sections, images, and text. Simply reinstall Smarketly Page Builder App if you want to use our page editor again. 

If you are a Pro plan user, all  your recurring charges will be canceled once you uninstall the app  and you won’t be charged for the next billing cycle. However, you will still need to pay the Smarketly Page Builder Editor app from the moment the billing cycle starts until it ends. 

In any case that you will need our help in reinstalling and any concerns about the app that needs to be improved, don’t hesitate to contact  and we’ll be willing to assist you promptly. 

Why is Downgrading Better than Uninstalling? 

When you change from the paid version to the free version, your pages will still function smoothly. You will still get the free feature of Text + Image section on all of your pages if this is the only section you need. If ever you need the rest of the section, you may upgrade the plan at anytime.