In promotion and advertising, you're only as good as the feedback your customers give you. That's what makes investing in a testimonials section is crucial to your success. Get as many positive written or spoken statements extolling the virtue of your business and share them with your potential customers.

  1. Select “Smarketly Sections” click ADD then click “Add Content”

  2. Click ADD on Testimonials then open viewing

  3. The Top Offset option can be changed to “None, Small, or Normal” based on user preferences

  4.  Enabling or disabling the Fullwidth Container is optional, as well as the Design in Line feature which can be ticked or unticked.

  5. Edit the title then choose to either enable /disable "Auto-rotate slides" and pick a time setting to change the slides (5seconds and above)

  6. Pick a color for the title, description, author, and hobby

  7. Decide whether you want to tick or untick "Change button settings" then change the arrow base color and background color.

  8. You can slide the bar to shift the "Buttons vertical alignment" to your preference

  9. You may tick the "Use background color" if you please and either activate or deactivate the "Boxed background" & "Mobile button padding"

  10. There's a box to tick whether you want to include a background image or not. If you tick it, select your image then click SELECT.

  11. You can adapt the background minimal height in px for both the desktop view and mobile display as you wish, then tick "Use background minimal height" to activate your choice

  12. Edit the description and the author name and hobby text

Getting good endorsements will help convince future clients to invest in your business. So make sure you set up a great Testimonials section to let your old customers speak for you.