The proof is in the pixels! One sure way to get people talking about your website is to have a strong Instagram presence. Here's how to link your business's Instagram account:

  1. Select “Smarketly Sections” click ADD then click “Add Content”

  2. Click ADD on Instagram then open viewing

  3. The Top Offset option can be changed to “None, Small, or Normal” based on customer preferences

  4.  Enabling or disabling the Fullwidth Container is optional, as well as the Design in Line feature which can be ticked or unticked.

  5. Users can have the option to alter the grid view to a tangle from 4-8 and the grid paddings to the left, right or fullwidth size.

  6. Edit user name, then change Image count to your liking

  7. There's also an option to show/hide titles and to have the titles on the Left if preferred, or to have it boxed when in fullwidth mode.

  8. Edit description

It's true that pictures tell a thousand words! So make sure you maximise your words with the perfect IG pic.