Make professional-quality banners for your website sections and blog posts with icons that perfectly communicate your concepts and ideas in one compact visual! 

  1. Select “Smarketly Sections,” click ADD then click “Add Content”

  2. Click ADD on Icon Banners

  3. Customers can choose which option they like from “None, Small or Normal”.

  4. Toggle to Fullwidth Container if it suits your liking then choose the number of Products In Row to show from 1-4.

  5. If your banner calls for it, you have the option to tick "Vertical" for the direction of the banner. 

  6. After that, choose the "Items in view" to your preference 

  7. Open viewing for all banners and select the icon color and title color

  8. Edit title and content.

The devil is in the detail! So choose wisely as you translate your brand into intriguing visuals.