Your website needs to be customer-focused, and that means creating ways that guide your visitors on how to use your site. Here's how to successfully set up your FAQ Section:

  1. Select “Smarketly Sections” click ADD then click “Add Content”

  2. Click ADD on FAQ then open viewing

  3. The Top Offset option can be changed to “None, Small, or Normal” based on customer preferences

  4. Choose to either display or hide the Title by ticking "Show title", then change your title heading

  5. Drag the Title Offset know to the desired px size

  6. Choose your desired Question icon from the FAQ styles by selecting either "Arrows" or "Plus/Minus" then position the question icons by selecting either Right or Left

  7. Choose to either increase or decrease the distance between questions by dragging the bar in the desired direction

  8. If you want to "Use background color", select the box then choose your background color

  9. Select your text color for your 

  10. Title

  11. Question

  12. Icon

  13. Answer

  1. After that, choose your desired Desktop text size by dragging the knob across the bars for 

  1. Title font size

  2. Title font weight

  3. Question font size

  4. Question weight

  5. Question padding

  6. Answer font size

  7. Answer line height

  8. Answer font weight

  9. Answer padding

  1. Switch to the Mobile version then change the same variations for the Mobile Text Size section

  2. In the question section, paste your questions & answers for all the questions to be included in the FAQs

Try and put yourself in your customers' shoes to create an effective FAQ section!