Designing an aesthetically pleasing product page layout is the surest way to keep getting visitors to your page! Play around with the layout and find out what works for you and your brand:

  1. Select “Smarketly Sections” click ADD then click “Add Content”

  2. Click ADD on Columns Products then open viewing

  3. You choose to change Top Offset to “None, Small, or Normal.” Just tick or untick the “Fullwidth container” option based on your preference  

  4. Change the products in a row & choose how often you want the slide to swap content per second. You can choose the options from the drop down menu.

  5. Change the settings to suit your liking by ticking or unticking "Show rating," "Show type," and "Show vendor" then click “Select collection”

  6. Choose your preferred collection,then click Select

Your content may be great, but if you fail to deliver it well, you'll likely fail.