To fine-tune your marketing message and enhance user experience, invest in high resolution images to market your brand well. A slider features a series of images that appear in a “Slideshow" motion in an interactive and attractive way. Here's how to get yours started:

  1. Click ADD on “Smarketly Sections” then “Add Content” then add “Brand Slider”

  2. You have the option to change Top Offset to “None, Small, or Normal.” You can also choose to click on “Fullwidth size”

  3. Tick “Show Title” and edit your Title and Description

  4. Change the products in a row & choose how often you want the slide to swap content per second. You can choose the options from the drop down menu.

  5. Choose image and click on “Select”

Never underestimate the power of visual effects. Curate an enticing experience for your visitors without overwhelming them with your chosen slider!