Q: What is Smarketly Page Builder Editor App? 

A: Smarketly Page Builder Editor App  is an app  you can purchase from Shopify app store  that allows you to customize your pages more quickly without a designer or developer. It permits you to add videos and block sections to diversify your website, from building landing & product pages to adding sliders, sections and FAQs.

Q: What do I need Smarketly Page Builder Editor App?  

A: It's very important to have flexible settings for adjustments banner's section on all pages. With Smarketly Page Builder Editor App, you can achieve this with minimal coding skills and without seeking the help of a professional website developer.

At a great price, you'll be able to customize tons of pages and easily edit product pages into sales landing pages to up your sales.

Q: Will Smarketly App works in every Shopify theme or plan? 

A: Yes, this works on any Shopify theme plan. 

Q: How can I upgrade my subscription? 

A: Click on Apps then go to Smarketly Builder App, then scroll down where you'll see your current plan. If it's a free plan the button (as seen in above image) will show Upgrade to Pro Plan. 

Q: How can I downgrade ny subscription?

A: Click on Apps then go to Smarketly Builder App, then scroll down where you'll see your current plan. If the plan is currently on Pro Plan, it will offer to Downgrade to Free Plan.

Q: Are the sections mobile responsive?

A: Yes. While editing the various sections you may want to incorporate to your website, there's an option to make said changes for the mobile version.

Q: How to track my landing pages with Google Analytics & FB pixels?

A: There's no need, it’s already tracked by your Shopify settings

Q: Can you help me customize my Shopify store?

A: This is not part of the scope, you can contact us & we will send you a quote.

Q: How to enable or disable the app?

A:   If you want to disable/enable the functionality of the app, for example showing/unshowing the section, you can just click/unclick the visibility (eye) button.

But to totally remove the app, you'll just do so by uninstalling it.

Q: Where are all my files and pages hosted?

A: Your Shopify files and pages are hosted in Shopify's CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure that your pages and its content will have a faster upload time. 

Q: How to Improve my page optimization?

A: Page speed is measured by how fast the content on your page loads, so verify that your images are as small as possible, the right file format, and are compressed for the web. You can use TinyJPG to optimize your images. 

Q: How to verify that it looks okay on desktop and mobile device?

A: As you customize each section and feature of your website, at the top of the screen are icons to either edit the Mobile, Desktop versions (first 2 icons).This way, you can ensure that your customers will get the best viewing experience in either mode.

Q: Does Smarketly Page Builder Editor work on eCommerce platforms other than Shopify?

A: No, it doesn’t because it is a landing page and sales funnel builder that’s just for Shopify stores.

Q: What is the total cost of Smarketly?

A: There are two memberships plans; Smarketlys Free Plan and Smarketly’s Pro Plan.

Smarketlys Free Plan is free and you have access to 1 section- text plus image, publish on all pages, and unlimited views. Smarketly Pro Plan  — which includes all sections available, publishing all pages, and unlimited views for $19.95 per month.

Q: Can I use Smarketly on multiple Shopify stores?

A: You get one license when you purchase our app that is good for one Shopify store, so in order to use the app on multiple stores, you have to  install and/or purchase the app on the rest of your Shopify stores. 

Q: Will I need a designer or developer to create my pages?

A: No you do not. Everything was professionally right from the sections and blocks  in such a way that you can make good quality, high performing landing pages easily, without stress and without the help of a designer or developer. 

How It Works

Q: What are Sections?

A: They are the individual elements that make up a webpage. We use a variety of  sections that you can drag and drop and add to different pages. Here are the list of sections that we offer: 

Text Plus Image, Big Banners, Blog Posts, Icon Banners, Instagram, Custom HTML, Text Block, Promo Collections, Brand Slider, FAQ, Testimonials, Video Banners, and Columns Products

Q: What pages can I add the sections to?

A: You can make any changes to any of your Shopify page like the Home Page, Password Page, Product pages, Collection pages, Collections list, Blogs, Cart, Checkout, 404 Pages, or Customized Landing Pages where you have the option to add or remove header and footer.

Q: Can I undo and redo edits to each section?

A: Yes, you can undo and redo the content for each section as easy as CTRL+Z or deleting or changing the content on the left side of the Smarketly Sections.