Your website needs an engaging blog post to let your customers know what you're about! This section gives your readers a preview of your content - 3 columns of the blog posts that you publish, with the image headers you used as the main image for the blog. Here are a few quick steps to help your set up your Blog Post section:

  1. Select “Smarketly Sections” click ADD then click “Add Content”

  2. Click ADD on Blog Post then open viewing 

  3. You have the option to change Top Offset to “None, Small, or Normal.” You can also choose to tick “Fullwidth size”

  4. Click “Select blog”, choose your blog post, then click on “Select” at the bottom of the page

  5. Edit your Title, Small description and Big description then tick “Show Title Block.”

Think of this as a teaser to your actual content. And to successfully engage readers, you'll need to drop an intriguing trailer!